Home News Twitter is coming with ‘tweetsnap’, know what will be the Features

Twitter is coming with ‘tweetsnap’, know what will be the Features


Microblogging site Twitter has released a new update to the camera design. This will give the user new features on the camera. Under the new design it will be easy to capture photos and videos and write a message on the live video. This update of Twitter is on a roll-out basis, which will gradually reach these phones to all phones.

To use it, the user has to swipe from right to left on the screen after opening the Twitter app. After this the camera will open. After making a photo or video, there will be an option to write text on it. It also has the option of putting colorful labels. Another advantage of this is that the media file will now look much bigger and cleaner. Before tweeting the photo, he would appear in a small box.

Do not take an instance from the Instagram

This new update to Twitter has not been released for the photo section nor has it been brought to compete with the photo sharing site Instagram. According to the tweet, via this update, the microblogging site Twitter wants to offer real-time lenses on its platform. Till now there was a long process to apply for photo / video in tweet.

Does such work

In Twitter, the camera option, like Snapchat, has a shutter button on the bottom side of the screen. To take a photo, just touch one on the shutter button while holding the shutter button for video recording. At the same time, after pressing the shutter button to live Twitter, it will have to be slightly left or left. However, the company has not given the option of sticker and other filters right now.


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