Google, Apple bans Tiktok App in India

No Tiktok app will be able to download the app in India anymore. Actually, Google has banned Play Store and Apple from downloading it from their App Store. At the request of the central government, this short video sharing app accessory of China has been banned. This app has been downloaded 23 million times in India.

The Supreme Court had refused the ban on the verdict given by the Madras High Court on April 3 on this verdict.¬†After this, the Ministry of Electronic and Information Technology requested Google and Apple to stop downloading this app’s country.

The Madurai Peeth of the Madras High Court had on Tuesday refused to ban the ban from Tiktok, and on 24th April the decision was taken on the next hearing.

Google told IANS, “We do not comment on different apps under the policy, but we follow the rules of the country in which we operate.” The Tiktok Company says that The company has full faith in the Indian judicial system.

Tiktok ‘s said, “We are optimistic that whatever the result will be, it will consider India’s 12 million active users and will capture its artistry and special moments of the day by means of Tiktok .”

At the same time the Supreme Court refused to hear the order on the order of the Madras High Court’s order to ban the Chinese app and fixed the next date of hearing on April 22.

On April 3, the Madras High Court ordered the Center to ban the app because of providing ponorographic and inappropriate material by
Tiktok. Tiktok allows its 5.4 million users to create and share videos and contains inappropriate content. May be.

Users of this app used to share videos on Facebook, Wattsapp and share chats by making a video on the lyrics of songs. Most of these adults knew about this app through social media.

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