A New Charging Animation is Coming In Beta Miui Devices!

Only those who have put in the MIUI global Beta can profit, however we tend to don’t doubt that it’ll additionally come on the stable version of one of the foremost used ROMs within the world: we tend to are talking about the new charging animation that Xiaomi has simply introduced.

The rich animation clearly needs to symbolize the speed with which the recharge takes place, showing a sort of “energy flow”, as you’ll be able to see from the following video demonstration of the one hundred Watt recharge.


This new graphic impact is activated by default on MIUI 9.4.11 global Beta, however it’s not the only novelty of this version, that in fact added the chance to disable all system animations.

The option is within the accessibility section, and is therefore simply activated during a few clicks: it could interest all those that would really like to boost the performance of their smartphone or those who like pure speed and don’t need to lose precious seconds every day because of the beautiful but slow animations of MIUI.

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