Google Map Location without sharing the Internet

Many people use the Global Positioning System (GPS) to provide an address or location as both GPS and WhatsApp can be run from the Internet. But, what if your internet is not working? To avoid such a problem, you can share your location with another person without internet. Let’s know about it.

If the smartphone does not have internet connectivity, then the user must first open the Google Maps app in his phone. After this, the user needs to know his location on Google Maps. For this, he can take the name of the colony, block and landmark located nearby. For example, if the user is in Mukherjee Nagar in Delhi, then he will search street address or block on Google Maps. After that, reach a landmark nearby that is being shown on Google Maps. After that, keep touching that place for a while. After doing this, the location will become a red dot. After doing this, there are three options on the bottom of the phone screen, one of which is the option of k direction l, second k stock l and third k service l. To share the location, click on k option l option. Then, select the text message option. After this, you can share that location with the person you know or ask for the address.

Without internet Also tells way

In Google Maps, you can use the direction given below on the screen after the red dot comes on the screen. However, the point to note is that Google Maps can only tell the way to reach places that have already been saved in Google Maps. Before using this feature, we recommend that you download maps of the place before the new place, which users can use offline if needed.

Do offline downloads of Google Maps

To download Google Maps according to your need, first search the name of the place where the user is going. After that, the bottom k direction will appear in a box, click on that box. Keep in mind that instead of alternating the option l, click on the box next to it. After that the box will climb upwards on the screen. Here, there will be a choice of k download l from four options, click on it. After that, he will give you the box to select the place, in which you can download as per the requirement.

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