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Lumiford 2.1 Subwoofer Dock Review: An excellent Bluetooth speaker with woofer!


The US company Lumiford has launched a special Bluetooth speaker Lumiford 2.1 SubWoofer Dock in India a few days ago. This speaker of Lumiford is very different from the rest of the speakers in the Indian market. As it is known in the name of woofer itself. Apart from this, Amazon Digital Assistant Alexa has been supported in this speaker. This speaker was received by us for review, which we used for a month, let me know in the review, how much is it in this speaker of Lumiford and how much does it satisfy your expectations?

Lumiford 2.1 Sub-Woofer Dock specification and price

This speaker of Lumiford has been given a 1500mAh battery. Apart from this, there is the support of HD stereo. Mike is also included, with the help of which you can talk on the phone through it. It has Bluetooth 4.2 and the total output audio of the speaker is 26 watts, while the woofer is 20 watts. It also has a 3.5mm jack, with the help of which you can connect the phone directly to music play. 

In other words, there is also the support of Oaks Cable, although there is no memory card support. It has Alexa support, which you can control with voice command through Lumiford’s ‘U Smart’ app and can play music by speaking. This app is supported by Alexa Music, in which music is available in many languages ​​including Hindi, Bhojpuri and English. The company has claimed a backup of up to 10 hours on the battery. Its price is Rs 8,999 on Amazon.

Lumiford speaker design

It is said that his first impression is very important for anybody and this is the way forward. This speaker of Lumiford is the first person to create a crazy look. Its body is of fabulous fabric, plastic and wood. Build quality is great. You can also easily use the speaker apart from the woofer. Charging point is given in Woofer to charge speaker. In other words, if you use it with woofer, you will not need to charge the battery, although the woofer can be enjoyed only by connecting with electricity.

The speakers have Bluetooth, Volume, and Power buttons at the top. Also an LED indicator is also available. However the color of the button exactly matches the color of the speaker. In such a situation, it is necessary to work hard to see the button. For example, if the speaker’s color is black, then the button color should be contrasted. Speaker weight including woofer is 1.85 kilograms. In the box, a connector and oaks cable is available to connect the woofer to the power.

Lumiford speaker performance

As far as Lumiford’s performance of this woofer low bluetooth speaker is concerned, this speaker is not going to disappoint you. The speaker’s voice is great, especially when you use it with woofer. Experience of the base with Woofer is fantastic, right there when you use it via the U-Smart app because the base and sound are great when you play music from YouTube or any other music app. But you get a great base from the U Smart App, though the problem is that the U Smart App is currently only available for Android. The sound of this speaker of Lumiford can be estimated by the same thing that the speaker in full volume starts slipping from its place due to vibration.

Talking about calling, there is no problem talking to the speaker on the phone. Sound quality is clear and connectivity is also good. If you use it only with woofer, you do not have to charge it, but only the speaker (doc) will have to charge for using it separately from the woofer. The crystal clear noise comes after separating from the woofer and the sound does not sting in the ears. The special thing about this speaker is that you can use it both indoor and outdoor. 


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