Home News Instagram Introduced New ‘Buy Button’ feature

Instagram Introduced New ‘Buy Button’ feature

Instagram Introduced New 'Buy Button' feature

Facebook-owned Instagram App has released a ‘buy button’ on Tuesday to take advantage of the e-commerce website. The company has just given the ‘checkout’ button below some of the products. Instagram is a feature to purchase the ‘Checkout’ option product. Right now this option is in the testing phase in the US.

According to an online post of Instagram, ‘he is offering the facility to buy products at Instagram. If you like a product, then you can buy it without leaving the Instagram App. ‘ The company said that after pressing the checkout button the consumer will have to choose the respective product size and color options. After this they will be able to pay without leaving the app. Earlier, people had to go to the e-commerce website to buy a product on Instagram. 


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