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Facebook and Tinder will be caught on Text Message written on the lies

Facebook and Tinder will be caught on Text Message written on the lies

Many times people win trust while chatting on social media platforms but have you ever tried to know that the person sitting on the other side of the computer screen is true or false. To capture the same truth and falsehood, scientists are preparing an online polygraph that will recognize the false words being written in the online world. This technique will also be used on dating app Tinder, facebook messenger and twitter. This research has been published in the journal Computer in Human Behavior.

According to Shuwan Ho, Florida State University researcher, k-face-to-face conversation with some tricks is almost possible to catch the face of the front, such as face-to-face, speech tone and physical activity etc. However, when a person located several kilometers away, trying to agree to the front of his words on a computer / laptop, it becomes difficult to recognize his faults. The researcher said that using my research, online polographs should be different dimensions According to researchers, this online polygraph can be used on online tending apps Tinder, Facebook and Twitter.

How technology will work

This machine will evaluate the words being written in the online world by catching false people and will alert you instantly when they are caught. According to the researcher, this technique can also be used to protect against online fraud. During the research, one person was found lying on 50% of the messages at one time, but when it was evaluated on the machine, 85 percent of the sayings were false.

Six sensors in the real world are polygraph tests

In the real world a polygraph test is performed, then six sensors are added with it and four things can be recorded.

  • The breathing rate of the person (breathing rate)
  • The person’s heart rate
  • The person’s blood pressure
  • Perspiration emerging from the person’s body



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