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Xiaomi’s big announcement these mobile will not get MIUI Global Beta Upgrade after these July

MIUI Global Beta

If you are using Xiaomi’s smartphone, the news is for you. India’s number one company Xiaomi in budget smartphone will no longer update MIUI Global Beta to its users Shaomi launched his first global beta program in 2010.

Updates on Android Go and Android One

In his blog post written on the MI Community website, Xiaomi has enjoyed the shutdown of this service. The company says that users who use custom-made Android Go and Android One have been excluded from this scope.

Stop getting updates from one July 2019

The company has revealed in the blog that the upcoming one will stop getting this update from July 2019. Earlier, the company gave MIUI updates via Beta and Stable Channels. MIUI Global Beta gave Rome the first public test for the company. According to the blog post, now MIUI Experience has matured and now it needs stability.

Will also provide security updates

At the same time, the company has promised its global users that it will further strengthen MIUI stabilization version, as well as provide necessary security updates from time to time. Earlier, the company had announced that it will remove more than one year old budget phone and model from MIUI Beta Program in China.

MI community is extremely angry

The company’s decision too is very angry with MI community. They say that the MIUI of CyanogenMod was the best Android development program in customized Rome and could easily be developed in non- Xiaomi devices.


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