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PUBG game has been banned in Nepal


All net and mobile suppliers in the country will be required to enforce the ban.

Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds is banned in nepal effective these days, consistent with a report in the Kathmandu Post. The move comes after the nepal Metropolitan Crime Division filed a Public Interest litigation with the Kathmandu District Court on Wednesday. a day later, the Nepal Telecommunication Authority has involved all ISPs and mobile service suppliers to block the game.

“We received a number of complaints from parents, schools and college associations relating to the result of the game on youngsters,” Metropolitan Crime Division chief Dhiraj Pratap Singh told the Kathmandu Post. “We also held discussions with psychiatrists before requesting the Kathmandu District Court for permission to ban the game.”

Singh went on to say that the move was inspired by recommendation from psychiatrists. “Parents and colleges had complained that the game was affecting their children’s studies and creating them a lot of aggressive,” he said. “When we have a tendency to consulted with psychiatrists, they also said that the violence within the game can create people aggressive in real life.”

According to a report in the Kathmandu Post geological dating from 2016, the 3 most well liked competitive games at the time were Dota 2, Counter Strike: GO and FIFA 16. The Nepal ban follows a similar shortlived ban on PUBG Mobile in parts of india earlier this year.


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