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Detel Tashan Review: A New Experiment With Mic In Bluetooth Speaker

Detel Tashan

Ditel has introduced two new products in the range of its Bluetooth speaker last month, including Jazz and Tashan two Bluetooth speakers. These speakers have been launched by the company, especially for those who are fond of party with Mike in indoor and outdoor. Out of these, we got it for the Titel Review, which we used for 20 days and 15 days, IA’s in the review, how is the announcement of this with the Mike, the Bluetooth speaker?

Specification and price of Detel Tashan

The company claims that this DeTel Tashan speaker gives playback of 2 to 3 hours in normal voice in one time charging. As far as connectivity is concerned, you can enjoy listening to music continuously by connecting it with Bluetooth, Pen Drive, Micro SD Card and Oaks Cable. Bluetooth V4.0 in Detail Tutan It has two speakers of 12 watt and its weight is 1.56 grams. This speaker has a battery of 1800 mh. In addition, you will also get an announcement mike, with which you can sing or sing some ornaments in a party. Speaking of the price, the price of DeTel Tashan is Rs 1,999 and can be bought from major e-commerce stores like the DeTel App, Website and Flipkart and Paytm Mall.

Detel Tashan

Design of Detel Tashan

At the first sight, this speaker of DeTel will look like a tower speaker but it is not a tower speaker. This is a party speaker which has color LED lights which burn according to the music. Its body is plastic and for your convenience it also has a belt in it, with the help of which you can pick it up yourself or make an outdoor party then you can hang it on a twig in the tree. A LED display gets upstairs in front of the speaker in which you get information about the speaker’s bluetooth, mic or radio mode. The build quality of the speaker is good.

In addition, it also supports the display remote that means you can operate this speaker with the remote receiver with the speaker and change the color of the LED lights. At the top of the speaker you will find the volume button, which is similar to the old knit radio volume knob. After this you will get the radio, light, reverse-forward, pause and off-on buttons in the top. Apart from this you get a port of Oaks cable port, USB port, memory card slot and mic port. A handle is placed in the top, with the help of which you can take it from one place to another. Mike’s wire is about 10 feet long.

The performance of the DeTel Tashan speaker

The performance of any speaker depends on its audio quality. In the case of audio, the speaker of the DeTel Tashan is fine. At 100 percent volume, the volume explodes a bit. The company has a new experiment by giving announcements with the ticker speaker, which is a kabil-e-compliments. Mike’s voice is good, but echo is a bit more. Along with that Mike has to speak a lot in front of a close and right. Mike is not able to catch the sound well when he is in the slightest side. The speaker’s base is not just great but great. We liked this speech for public announcement or party announcement.

Talking about the battery, it takes more than one and a half hours to charge full, while the company is right on the battery i.e., once in a charging, its battery backs up to 3 hours in normal volumes. The FM radio given in it works, but for that you have to go to the roof. In the case of the radio it is better than DeTel’s only posh speaker, which we recently reviewed. There was no problem in controlling the speaker with the remote during the review. So if you are looking for a party speaker in which you get the support of Mike and Remote with the LED light then you can see a look at this speaker.


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