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Learn about New AirPods 2 These 5 essential things

AirPods 2

Apple has finally launched its Wireless Earbuds AirPods after a long time. These AirPods of Second Generation have been given a Powerful Chip, Update Wireless Feature and a new Wireless Charging Case.

Apple AirPods is currently only available in the US and its initial price is $ 159. AirPods cost $ 199 with wireless charging case. By paying $ 79 to the interested users, the wireless charging case can also be purchased separately.

If you are planning to buy new AirPods then you need to know these five things.

Wireless Charging Case

Confirming the rumors, new AirPods have been launched with the wireless charging case. Users can now charge their airports without any wires in the Qi compatible charging mat. New AirPods also support lightning ports for charging the case.

Upgrade to Siri

Now Siri can be activated with the help of voice. For this, users will only have to say ‘Hi siri’. Siri can be activated only by tapping in AirPods first.

No change in design

New AirPods also look very similar to First Generation’s wireless earbuds. Even the charging case looks like the last look. Although Apple is just saying “AirPods” to it.

New changes

A big change in the new AirPods would be the H1 chip. Apple says that the new H1 chip is faster than twice the last W1 chip, switching between active devices up to two times faster. Gaming delay decreases by 30% with new chip.

Price and availability in India

New AirPods will be available in India only a few days later. Apple has not announced its cell date yet, but AirPods are already listed on its official website in India. In India, airports with normal charging case will be available for Rs 14,900. At the same time, airports with wireless charging case will cost Rs 18,900. Separately, the wireless charging case will be available for Rs 7,500.



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