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Battery Saving Tips


For smartphone users, battery consumption is a big problem. These days companies are launching their smartphones with powerful battery or giving fast charging features. But, if the phone users take some precautions and make some changes in the settings of their smartphones, they can improve their phone’s battery performance. Know about some such measures. 

The screen timeout setting

should be kept short by the user’s screen time. After using the smartphone, the light of the screen is on for a long time, then it costs the battery. In such a way, the screen timeout should be kept low in your smartphone, so that the light of the screen does not burn for a long time. This also helps to save the phone’s battery.

Turn off after using the app

Multitasking feature in the phone is so great, but this feature uses the same amount of battery as your smartphone’s battery. In this case, after using the app, it should be closed. It will run more of your smartphone’s battery. Some apps use data and batteries in background, so that the batteries start to finish quickly, select them and disable them. 

Do not let the phone warm

With the continuous use of the phone, it starts to warm. In such a situation, the user should take care that the phone is not hot without any reason. When the phone is hot, then it should be kept near the AC or in a cool place. During the phone’s warming, the battery of the mobile phone ends very soon. Therefore, the user should stop using the phone for a while after the phone is hot and the phone should be used carefully.


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