Home Reviews TAGG PowerBass 700: A great headphone with sturdy battery and build quality!

TAGG PowerBass 700: A great headphone with sturdy battery and build quality!


Indian electronic company TAGG has launched its Wireless Bluetooth headphone TAGG PowerBass 700 just a few days ago. This headphone is specially marketed for those who need a superb base headphone. The tag has been given a button separately for the base in TAGG PowerBass 700. TAGG PowerBass 700 was used for review, which we used for 20 days, let’s know in the review whether this Bluetooth headphone will meet your expectations?

AGG PowerBass 700

TAGG Powerbus 700 specification and price

It has a 500 mAh battery and the company has claimed 14 hours of talktime. There is a version 4.0 of Bluetooth. It weighs 200 gms. For calling, the company has given in-built mic in it. This headphone can be purchased from Amazon for Rs. 3,499. It will get a 12 month warranty. It can be connected to both the iPhone and Android devices. You can also use it through the Oaks cable.

Design and Build Quality

Talk about the design, TAGG PowerBass 700 will not disappoint you. The design is superb and the special thing is that it can be easily folded. So if you have a laptop bag or a small bag, this headphone will come easily in it. All the buttons in the headphones are given on the left side, including charging port, oaks cable jack, power button, volume up and down button and base buttons. This headphone is also flexible.

TAGG PowerBass 700

In such a situation, you can make it bigger or smaller according to your convenience. This headphone is quite strong and will not be able to quickly scratch it. Apart from this, the ear is easily fit, although it does not fully pack the ears like other headphones. For example, if you are using this headphone and you make a sound, then you can hear its voice. If the weight of this headphone is slightly higher, then it is difficult to use it for a long time. Its body is plastic. 

Battery life and performance

First of all talk about the battery, it takes more than 2 hours for the full charge of the battery, although the battery backup is good. You can use it for 10-12 hours in full time charging. Its audio quality is excellent and the button given for the extra bass also works well. So in overall audio it is a great headphone. As far as connectivity is concerned, its Bluetooth connectivity is superb. It gets easily paired, but in case of calling it is weak. Calling with Android phone is fine, but there is a problem with talking to the iPhone. If you ignore the calling feature altogether, then there is no problem in this headphone and if you buy it, it will not disappoint you.


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