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Review: Samsung Galaxy Watch Active really a great smartwatch?

Samsung Galaxy Watch Active

Samsung launched the smartwatch Galaxy Watch Active in the Indian market in June this year. Galaxy Watch Active was first introduced globally at the Unpack event in February this year. In Galaxy Watch Active you will find features such as exercise tracking, sleep tracking, stress tracking, and health tracking. Apart from this, the company has also partnered with the Calm company for this smartwatch. This smartwatch also has support for blood pressure monitor, which you can use through the My Bip App. The Samsung Galaxy Watch Active is priced at Rs 19,999 in the Indian market. We have used this SmartWatch for a month, let’s know in the review whether you should buy a Galaxy Watch Active or not?

Specifications of Samsung Galaxy Watch Active

It has a 1.1-inch display of 360×360 pixels resolution. It has Gorilla Glass 3 protection with a Super AMOLED color display. Talking about the processor, it has dual-core Exynos 9110, while it has a 230mAh battery. Apart from this, it has 768 MB RAM, 4 GB storage and heart rate sensor. Apart from this, it has an IP68 rating and 5ATM water-resistant feature for waterproofing. It also has support for wireless charging, Bluetooth 4.2, GPS and Wi-Fi. There is also NFC support in it. There is also a support of Buxbee Voice Assistant, which will help you to call and send messages without touching the phone. This smartwatch weighs only 25 grams. It has a silicone strap and polycarbonate body which is quite strong. It has wireless charging support, That is, you can also charge it with the help of a wireless charging pad. In the box, you get an extra strap with the watch and the charger.

Design and display of Samsung Galaxy Watch Active

Samsung Galaxy Watch Active will get you in the round style. Navigation and power buttons are given on the right. One of these buttons is for Home and the other for Menu. On the display, you can also go to the Quick Menu by scrolling from top to bottom, in which you will get options like Wi-Fi, battery. The specialty of its strap is that it fits inwards. Talking about the display, like Samsung’s smartphone, the display of the Galaxy Watch Active is also fantastic. No scratches are going to come easily on the display. Color combination is good and there is no problem in bright bright sunlight. Samsung’s SmartWatch weighs only 25 grams. In such a situation, it does not feel heavy when used.

Samsung Galaxy Watch Active performance

Samsung has no complaints about the performance of this smartwatch. The Galaxy Watch actively performs heart rate monitoring and step counting. There is a feature of blood pressure monitor in this hour, but it can only be used by Samsung’s premium smartphones such as Note Series and S series as well as My BP Lab app. There is no problem with connectivity. There is no problem in getting messages and notifications on the watch. It also has the feature of Always On Display. Along with this, it has Find Phone, Flight Mode, Wi-Fi, and Power Saving Mode.

The watch is comfortable to wear, although a few days later the polish on the strap begins to fade away slowly. The Heart Rate Monitor and Weather (Weather) feature does not work by default and you will have to turn on the Galaxy Watch and then give permission from the watch. Even after using it for a month, there was no problem in hanging or slicing. You can also put reminders in this watch.

One of the features of Galaxy Watch Active is that you can save by syncing some songs in it and enjoy music by connecting to wireless headphones. In such a way you will not need a phone to listen to the song. In this watch, you can get notifications of all apps like Whatsapp and Gmail, but you cannot reply. Calling notifications are also available. Through this watch, you can receive and reject the phone, although the option of replying is not available in the watch itself. 

A gift for those who do not compromise on health

Looking at the features of this watch, it can be said that the company has introduced it only for those who focus on health because many health-related features and apps are available. Stress is also given a sensor for the monitor, which also tells you how to overcome stress. It also has GPS support.

Battery Life of Samsung Galaxy Watch Active

As far as the battery is concerned, if you keep the screen on always and keep the heart monitor on for 24 hours, then the battery of this Samsung smartwatch lasts barely two days. Battery life increases if they do not use them. Battery saving mode works great. It takes up to 3 hours for the full charge of the battery. Overall, if you bypass the battery backup, the Samsung Galaxy Watch Active does not disappoint you.


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